Welcome to Emily’s Flowers & Sweet Treats website also known as Emily FAST.

My name is Emily and I have lived in Hailsham for the last 28 years. I'm married to Graeme, and we have 5 boys together aged 2 to 18 years. Yes they are challenging but we would not change it for the world.

The Business logo we have chosen is in loving memory to the family as in 2010 we lost twin girls at 24 weeks, Iris and Gracie, who we wanted keep a little memory of them close to us so the Iris flower and the butterfly are the symbols of them on this new venture and journey with us. The butterfly also ties in with the wedding theme we had that same year, which is where I met Pat for the first time, she did our wedding flowers.

I have previously worked in travel and childcare, as well as being a full time mother & carer in the last 10 years.

Not long before the lock-down & Covid-19 I was working with a great team at Knockhatch Adventure Park.

I did this along side helping Pat with her business Pat’s flowers, over the last six months I have managed to fall in love with flowers, allowing my artistic side to come out again, ("with that added girly touch after living with all those boys!) I love the whole atmosphere and free spirit it gives you, such an enjoyable environment.

I absolutely love meeting lots of new people in Hailsham and the surrounding areas.

I am so overwhelmed with joy that I have this opportunity to open a shop and to start my own business.​

My family & parents have always been supportive of me, they have helped me so much, they have shown me that you can work hard as well as having a family & achieve your dreams. I will always be grateful for everyones help and support.

This is something I only dreamed I would get the chance to do. I'm thankful for the starting point that I can open as a bouquet shop working with & selling beautiful flowers, together with adding my own touches and ideas to the mix.

Over the last few weeks I have been putting together my business plan, ideas and creations to bring with me. I hope they grow and flourish into ideas and products you will all love! I also aim to be a sailed & respected business as Pats flowers has locally.

I hope you will like the the shop and come and have a look, I will always try my best to give you 100% into the products & services we offer. I’ll keep you posted and updated on our blog and Facebook page regularly.